Brown County recognizes that some residents cannot afford access to high speed internet even though it is available.  This information identifies programs and services that may assist you in getting affordable or free high speed internet access.
Free Internet Access Locations
Brown County has several sites throughout the County that have free high speed public WiFi - making it easy to access.  Sites include areas just outside of buildings, in parking lots and parks.  Here's a list of Brown County access points for “drive-up” or "parking lot" connectivity:  

School and Library Internet Access Programs
Green Bay Area Public School District (GBAPSD)
Green Bay Public Schools offers free internet to qualifying students using cellular wifi hotspots. 
Additional information: 
University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UWGB)
Broadband Student Resources: 
Brown County Library
Any wireless device can access the internet at a Brown County Library location.  Brown County library locations also have public computers with high speed internet access.  If a person has a public library account, they can check out a Chromebook and internet hotspot for up to 7 days.

Learn more at:

Internet Provider Broadband Providers

Some Provide Affordability and Discount Programs

Many of the programs require confirmation of low income household, or enrollment in Head Start, SNAP, or the National School Lunch Program. 
Astrea (was Packerland Broadband)  800-236-8434  [Landline/Wireless Provider]
Supports EBB
AT&T  800-288-2020  [Cellular and Landline Provider]
Participates in Lifeline and EBB 

Bertram Internet  920-351-1023   [Wireless Internet Provider]       Listed as participating in the EBB program.
BugTussel Wireless  1-877-227-0924  [Wireless Internet Provider]         Listed as participating in the EBB program.
Cellcom  1-877-477-5222  [Cellular Provider]
Particpates in Lifeline
CenturyLink (also known as Lumen)  1-866-642-0444 [Landline Provider]       They participate in Lifeline and EBB.  Alternate phone: 1-800-244-1111 
Ethoplex (844) 574-4625 [fixed wireless]
Ideal Technologies  920-415-3466  [Landline Provider]
Mecury Network   888.866.4638  [Fiber and wireless Provider]
Nsight  1-800-826-5215  [Landline Provider]
Nsight does participate in LifeLine and EBB (emergency broadband benefit)

Spectrum (also known as Charter)  1-844-488-8395  [Landline Provider]

Qualified households can SAVE on high-speed Internet at a special rate. Learn more about Spectrum Internet Assist.  Altnerate phone 866-980-3107

Sprint  1-888-211-4727  [Cellular Provider]
Starlink*   [Satellite Provider]
Starlink will be a provider in nearly all rural areas.  To take advantage of Starlink, you need to have visibility to the sky.  NOTE: As of October 2021, the service is not widely available, however, you can “sign up” to get on a first come first serve waiting list.  
*Starlink does not have affordability programs such as EBB or Lifeline
** no listed phone number, website only
T-Mobile 1-800-937-8997  [Cellular Provider]
TMobile participates in LifeLine and EBB
TDS  1-855-220-2592  [Landline Provider]
Fiber to the home:

Alternate phones
TDS GENERAL (877) 205-5470
TDS FIBER (855) 259-8577
US Cellular    1-888-289-8722  [Cellular Provider]
Verizon  1-800-837-4966  [Cellular Provider]
Bringing 5G technology to schools through our innovative learning labs where our students and teachers are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.  Supports EBB
Xfinity (also known as Comcast)  1-855-757-7372   [Landline Provider]

If your local internet provider is not listed, contact your provider and ask about broadband discounts for low income such as LIFELINE and the EBB program.  You might also find services at:

This is a list of all Wisconsin Internet Providers participating in EBB:

If you know of other intenret providers or if you find errors or broken links please share updates at:

Government Internet Affordability Programs

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB)** 

This is a COVID related program and will be replaced with the "Affordable Connectivty Fund".  Details of the EBB program:
  • Up to a $50/month discount on your broadband service and associated equipment rentals
  • Up to a $75/month discount if your household is on qualifying Tribal lands
  • A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50) 
Additional information on the Covid Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB 

Affordable Connectivity Fund

This is a new program in the 2021 Infrastrcuture Bill.  It includes $14.2 billion in funding for a $30.00 per month subsidy for qualifying households.  This program replaces EBB.

More information to follow (no federal website yet as of Nov 2021)

Universal Service Administrative Co (USAC)**

**These programs are funded annually resulting in service changes

Emergency Connectivity Fund

FCC program providing $7.17B to Schools and Libraries.  For eligible schools and libraries, the ECF Program will cover reasonable costs of laptop and tablet computers; Wi-Fi hotspots; modems; routers; and broadband connectivity purchases for off-campus use by students, school staff, and library patrons. 

Lifeline Program 

The Lifeline program provides low-income Wisconsin residents affordable access to essential telecommunications by discounting the cost of phone, cell and internet services. This depends on which type of service(s) you have, but your discount could range from $7.25 - $18.50 per month. 

Click for more information: ***Some of the vendor discount programs may be cheaper or have better services than the FCC Lifeline program.

You can check your Lifeline eligibility online using the National Verifier at
More information about Lifeline:

Wisconsin PSC (Public Service Commission)

Internet Resources for Wisconsin Residents during Public Health Emergency.
The PSC has established their Internet & Phone helpline for Wisconsin consumers.
Please dial 608-267-3595 to speak with dedicated PSC staff or leave a voicemail.
You also can find more information at

Other Affordability and Access Programs

Eligible Healthcare Providers may qualify for: Schools and Libraries may qualify for: 

Foundation for Rural Housing 

Home Net-Provide home internet access for families across WI during the school year. 
One child in either middle/high school and applicants must be below 80% county median income
Phone: (608) 238-3448 or (888) 400-5974
If you know of free or low-cost options not listed, please let us know by emailing