US Broadband Connections with BC Seal
US Broadband Connections with BC Seal
Help Us Improve Brown County Broadband
Complete the WISER Survey and take the OPTI speed test to help improve broadband access throughout Brown County.  Completing the surve and speed tests can help the County and State of Wisconsin qualify for our share of the $30B in BEAD/IIJA Broadband Funding.  This data is reflected in our Brown County Broadband Planning Map.

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Partial Speed Test Map for Wisconsin
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Broadband Affordability
Broadband Affordability

Broadband Speed Test

Image of Speed test flyerWe need your help, especially if you have poor internet access and/or  concerns with internet affordability.

1) Please take the 
WI PSC WISER State Speed Test Survey.   It helps broadband identify service needs and affordability challenges locally and statewide.

2) Please take the OPTI speed test!  The data is used for Local, County, Regional and Statewide Broadband Planning.  

Click Here for a printable flyer you can hand out to friends, family and colleagues.  Taking the test MULTIPLE times at different times of day and days of the week helps by ensuring the sample is good.

Questions and answers regarding the WISER Survey and OPTI speed test

3) OPTIONAL: The FCC has created a consumer complaints Internet Service DATA CAPS Access Form.  Click here to learn more about the FCC Data Cap Website.  Click here to submit an FCC Data Cap Form.

Brown County Broadband Planning

This Brown County Interactive Broadband Map shows broadband relatred information including:

  • Aggregate Broadband Speed Test data
  • The darker red are areas with slowest service
  • RDOF and other federal and WI State broadband mapping information
  • Some ISP Information identifying NEW or PLANNED broadband services.
  • Current and proposed government owned fiber runs
  • Municipalities including city, village and township buildings.
  • 911, fire, law enforcement and related emergency management information
  • Business parks and economic layer information
  • General population & tax parcel data
  • Equity information identifying broadband affordability and other related broadband community needs.
  • School districts & school buildings
When you take an OPTI speed test and complete a WISER Broadband Survey you help ensure we have accurate data for Brown County Broadband planning.

Note: Only government-owned fiber lines are on this map (privately owned fiber mapping is not available). None of the proposed fiber has been approved as of 6/1/2023.

NewNorth Broadband Study

NEW NORTH and BROWN COUNTY worked together on a regional broadband survey.   The regional report and Brown County have been published.  

Copies of additional reports and details regarding the NewNorth Broadband Study are available here: 

Brown County New North Broadband Study Executive Summary 
Brown County New North Broadband Study Full Report

Entire NewNorth Regional Executive Summary (18 County Region)
Entire NewNorth Regional Full Report (18 County Region)

Wisconsin State and Federal Broadband Links

State of Wisconsin Public Service Commission Broadband Office Information

State of Wisconsin Governor's Task Force on Broadband Access

Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program

This program provides $42.45 billion to expand high-speed internet access by funding planning, infrastructure deployment and adoption programs in all 50 states.  Please note the funds are not avialable to state, local and tribal governments yet.  Wisconsin can qualify for a larger portion of this funding if we get good information. You can update your home/business by finding your address and ensuring the information is correct.

FCC Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF)

Areas in the southern part of Brown County recieved RDOF funding. Charter/Spectrum is the primary RDOF Internet Service Provider in Brown County.  The south portion was the primary area for RDOF

FCC Broadband Data Collection

The FCC created a updated broadband map. The broadband service maps are used by federal agencies to identify service locations and avialable services.

The FCC accepts challlenges to this map at any time, and updates it at least once annually. Residents and businesses must individually challenge the map. To complete the update you need internet access. The challenge is ongoing.

Click here to challenge the 
FCC National Broadband Map

To update or challenge service to your residence or business

Confirm your LOCATION
  1. Go to:
  2. Type in your address and press enter.
  3. If the address does come up
    • Verify that the map "locator dot" is centered on the correct rooftop (if it is incorrect challenge the location).
    • Verify the number of units (housing units at the location - a duplex is 2)
    • Verify if it is residential or business or both
  4. If the address does not come up
    • click on the map where the location should be OR click on the “Location Challenge” link in the upper-right corner of the map
    • ensure the "location dot" is in the right place
    • type in the contact information and select the appropriate Challenge Type and any documentation, if available
  5. Click Submit.
Confirm your SERVICE
  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your address and press enter
  3. Check the Provider, Technology and Speeds available at this address.
  4. If any information is incorrect, click on “Availability Challenge” and select any of the providers that are incorrect.
  5. Enter Challenge or Feedback, the contact information, and you may either describe your experience or upload a documentation image or file.
  6. Click Submit.

For additional help with the challenging the FCC Broadband Map click here
Or a video guide click here
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