US Broadband Connections with BC Seal
US Broadband Connections with BC Seal
US Broadband Connections with BC Seal
US Broadband Connections with BC Seal


Question: Can I take the test more than once? 
Yes.  We encourage multiple tests at different times of the day and different days of the week.  More tests give us better samples of real internet performance.
Question: What does the test do? 
The speed test software from MLabs tests how fast data can be downloaded and uploaded with the internet connection used to run the test.  We request you take the test at home or at your business. Our hope is you are NOT using your cellular connection to take the test.
Question: What is the test used for? 
The information is used to prove ACTUAL speeds for homes and businesses.  It is used by Brown County government, Wisconsin State Public Service Commission and is shared with granting agencies.  The resulting maps are shared with numerous agencies, businesses and the public.

Question: Is the test important? 
Taking this internet speed test will likely shorten the time it takes for your community to get funding for better internet speeds.  Poor internet speed or "unserved" means you have less than 25mbps.  Ok internet speed is 25mbps to 100mbps and means "underserved".  Good service is defined as greater than 100mbps (gigabit means 1000mbps).
Question: Why take the test?
The test can help you AND your community.
1) The speed tests help confirm actual speed. 
2) The more homes and businesses that take this speed test, the stronger our chances are to qualify for Wisconsin State grants and Federal grants.   Grant money is generally allocated to areas with the lowest download and upload speeds. 
3) The federal government may show an area as having fast service, but in may actually be quite slow compared to the government reports.  Here is a link to the federal broadband speeds map 
4) The tests may be used for other functions such as planning for school districts or government regional planning.
Question: I cannot get internet service at all.  What should I do? 
Go to a public library location, or friends house and then take the test.  Type in YOUR address in and note that your address does NOT have service. You can call Wisconsin PSC at 608-267-3595 to share broadband service information.
Question: How can I see what internet services the federal government thinks are available at my address?
You can check the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) broadband map  Then enter your address to see what services the federal government has recorded for your address (note they might not actually be available).
Question: Is there anything else I can do to get better broadband? 
1) Encourage other people to take this speed test, share the link with friends and family, especially in areas with poor service anywhere in Wisconsin.
2) Take the Wisconsin PSC WISER Speed test survey which includes a series of questions and a speed test.  
3) Contact your Local, State and Federal elected representatives about your specific needs for high speed internet service.
4) Contact providers based on the fcc map to see which vendors have service at your location

Question: Is the data protected?
The speed test data itself is protected through non-disclosure and public information connected to a speed test is anonymized where possible.  Some information is public, such as property ownership via tax rolls.  Regardless of those protections, if you take the speed test, that information will be shared at the local, state and federal level – and may be shared with internet service providers for construction and service expansion purposes.