Mom and Fawn
Mom and Fawn
Path to Barkhausen
Path to Barkhausen

The Brown County Fairgrounds/Fair Park is located along the Fox River in the City of De Pere and provides a unique location for special events in the Greater Green Bay area. The property provides the areas largest mixed use space of indoor and outdoor facilities within it’s 36 acre footprint.

The Fairgrounds are approved for commercial events. Commercial events are open to the public where fees are charged or any type of fundraising or vending occurs.

A non-commercial rental can be open to the public but collects no admission fee or donation and no fundraising or vending occurs, or is a private event that is not open to the public.

Camping is allowed on the property during special events and at other times of the year.

All events are managed through the County’s Park Department. Contact us at 920-448-6242.

Many special events are required to obtain security from the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. Lessee should contact the Sheriff’s Department at (920) 448-4200 to arrange security. Lessee will be responsible for overnight security. Lessee is required to inform the Sheriff Department and Park Department who will be responsible
for overnight security.

Additional public safety requirements will be determined by the City of De Pere. These may include: fire protection, EMS, and Health Department requirements related to food and vending.

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