Mom and Fawn
Mom and Fawn
Path to Barkhausen
Path to Barkhausen

Waterfall at Fonferek's GlenFonferek's Glen Conservancy Area is a  unique 75-acre county park with magnificent views. This geological gem features a 30-foot waterfall, dolomite cliffs, and stone archway, which are all part of the larger Niagara Escarpment.  

Located along Bower Creek in the Town of Ledgeview, this unique waterfall setting also includes 30 acres of former agricultural fields that have been planted to native trees and prairie. The waterfall can easily be viewed from a designated overlook constructed in 2019. The rest of the park is a natural conservancy area with dangerous conditions, including steep cliffs, falling rock and rugged terrain. Use caution when outside the designated use area, as no marked trails exist.

 Please make sure you don't get 'locked in' after park hours as the gate closes at sunset.
 If  you arrive and the parking lot is full, please visit another day. No parking is allowed on surrounding streets.
The waterfall typically is dry during mid-summer and drought periods.

Park Hours:
8:00 a.m. - Sunset (electronic gate controls these hours)

Things To Do:
Picnic Area
Dogs Allowed On Leash