Mom and Fawn
Mom and Fawn
Bay Shore
Bay Shore

Shelter Rentals (Private Events) 2023 Rates
Grounds Rental $175.00
Grounds Rental - Commercial Rate $350.00

Barkhausen Lodge (Non-Profit/Gov't Groups) $30 up to 2 hours / $75 - 2 to 8 hours
Barkhausen Lodge (Business/Corporations/Private Parties) $150 up to 8 hours
Commercial Rate $240.00
Commercial Rate $300.00 (if extending past 6pm)

Bay Shore Park
Enclosed Shelter $150.00
Open Shelter $90.00

Lily Lake Park
Open Shelter $90.00

Neshota Park
Enclosed Shelter $150.00
Commercial Rate $200.00

Pamperin Park
Dance Hall $445.00
Dance Hall - Commercial Rate $550.00
East Hall $215.00
East Hall - Commercial Rate $400.00
Gazebo Per Hour $75.00
Gazebo 4 Hours $250.00
2-Day Wedding/Multi-Day Package $1,500.00
3-Day Wedding/Multi-Day Package $1,950.00

Reforestation Camp
Pines Shelter $150.00
Pines Shelter - Commercial Rate $200.00
2-Day Wedding/Multi-Day Package $900.00
3-Day Wedding/Multi-Day Package $1,100.00
Ski Lodge (April through November) $370.00
Ski Lodge (April through November) - Commercial Rate $500.00
Meeting Room (December through March) $140.00
Meeting Room (December through March) - Commercial Rate $190.00

Way-Morr Park
 Shelter $150.00

Fairgrounds 2023 Rates

Private RentalsCommercial Events
Waste Removal Fees for Fairground & Commercial Events 2023 Rates
Extra Amenity Rentals at Pamperin Park 2023 RatesNotes:  
Trail Rentals for Special Events 2023 Rates
Storage 2023 Rates
Fairgrounds Winter Storage $20.00-$550.00
Pet Exercise Area 2023 Rates
Annual Pass $20.00
Daily Pass $2.00
Rifle Range 2023 Rates
Camping at Bay Shore Park 2023 Rates
Camping at the Fairgrounds 2023 Rates
Camping at Reforestation Camp 2023 Rates
Programs/Workshops at Barkhausen 2023 Rates
Barkhausen Snowshoes 2023 Notes:
Barkhausen Group Camp Area $30.00
Special Programs $2.00/person*
Scout Programs $2.00/Scout*
  * $2 per Scout or person with a minimum charge of $25  
Boat Launch 2023 Rates
Cross-Country Skiing 2023 Rates
The Brown County Park Cross-Country Ski Trails are located at Reforestation Camp,
Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve and Neshota ParkNotes:  
  * A pass is required for children ages 12-17. Children 11 and under ski free.  
Horse Trails 2023 Rates
Brown County Park Horse Trails are located at Reforestation Camp & Neshota ParkNotes:  
   * There are no family passes available.  
   * Passes are needed for 16 and older.  
Mountain Bike Trails 2023 Rates
Brown County Park Mountain Bike Trails are located at Reforestation CampNotes:  
   * There are no family passes available.  
   * Passes are needed for 16 and older.  
State Recreational Trails 2023 Rates
Fox River Trail and Mountain-Bay Trail  Notes:  
   * There are no family passes available.  
   * Bicyclists, skiers, rollerbladers, skateboarders and horseback riders age 16 and older need a pass.
   * There is no fee for walking.