Trail Conditions - Summer

Reforestation Camp Mountain Bike Trail Conditions
6/5/2020 - OPEN
Expect the rain to fill up the wet spots again  It will take a while for them to dry out.  Please stay off the closed sections and follow the detours. There is some standing water on Oaks hike/Redwood bike between intersections 44 and 42.  Balsam (green single track loop) has a ridable puddle at intersection 31; rock has been put in the bottom so it is firm.  Hickory (orange single track loop) is closed from intersection 129 to intersection 116.  Poplar (blue single track loop) is mostly under water with several large unridable spots, and detoured near intersection 128 back to a dry portion of Hickory.  We have tried to give you as much single track as possible.

Bathrooms are closed.

Reforestation Camp Horse Trail Conditions.
6/5/2020 - OPEN
Trails are flooded with standing water in several places.  It will take a while for them to dry out.  Trails are open, there is still a very large, deep water hole between intersections 119 and 99.  There is a clearly marked detour at intersection 119, if your horse doesn't like deep puddles.  There are some smaller wet spots in the detour.  Please keep horses off of the boardwalk in this section.

*Neshota Park and Fox River Trail horse trails are open.