Project #Project DescriptionResponsible
Project ResultsResults Date
 2353Replacement of Courthouse ChillerPublic WorksRFQ Results12/10/19
 2356Barkhausen Restroom AdditionPublic WorksRFQ Results1/27/2020
 2357Bulk Excavation of Material at South LandfillPublic WorksRFB Results1/15/20
 2358Jail Expansion, Medical Examiner Building & Community Treatment Center Crisis Center AdditionPublic WorksRFQ Results2/4/2020
 23642020 Spring Aerial OrthophotosPurchasingRFQ Results1/31/20
 2366South Landfill Perimeter FencePublic WorksRFB Results3/5/20
 2368BCCAN 2020 Convention Center Fiber ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results3/17/20
 2376AE Services for New Restroom at FairgroundsPurchasingRFQ Results3/9/20
 2379West Landfill Blower_Flare ReplacementPublic WorksRFB Results5/20/20
 2383Asphalt Lot Repairs at AirportPublic WorksRFB Results7/17/20
 2384Fairgrounds Restroom & Dump StationPublic WorksRFB Results8/18/20
 2387ALobby Door Replacement at AirportPublic WorksRFB Results9/23/20
 2388Jail Food Prep Services for SheriffPurchasingRFP Results12/3/20
 2391BCCAN Jail M-Pod ExpansionPublic WorksRFB Results10/7/20
 2392BCCAN ME Office ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results10/7/20
 2393BCCAN Oak 4K Learning Center ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results10/7/20
 2395Recycling Center Push Wall UpgradePublic WorksRFB Results10/15/20
 2398DePere Leachate Holding Tank InstallationPublic WorksRFB Results11/12/20
 2399Construction of Mutiple Buildings at SLFPublic WorksRFB Results2/2/21
 2400Civil Work for SLFPublic WorksRFB Results2/2/21
 2403Northern Building LED UpgradePublic WorksRFB Results12/16/20
 2404Barkhausen Viewing PlatformPublic WorksRFB Results1/14/21
 2411Pump Station at Golf CoursePublic WorksRFB Results2/1/21
 2414Pamperin Park Duck Creek Slope StabilizationPublic WorksRFB Results2/18/21
 2415Golf Course Bunker RenovationsPublic WorksRFB Results3/1/21
 2416BCCAN GBPSD Chestnut ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results3/16/21
 2417Lawn Care ServicesPurchasingRFQ Results3/22/21
 2420Airport Frontage Road SignPurchasingRFP Results4/1/21
 2421Fencing at FairgroundsPublic WorksRFB Results3/16/21
 2424Reforestation Camp Campground ConstructionPublic WorksRFB Results3/30/21
 2426Teen Parenting ProgramPurchasingRFP Results5/17/21
 2430ALubrication System and Lube Delivery for New South LandfillPublic WorksRFB Results6/8/21
 2431AJib Crane for New South LandfillPublic WorksRFB Results5/25/21
 2436Leachate Hauling at New South LandfillPurchasingRFQ Results6/17/21
 2440Rural and Urban Broadband AccessPurchasing 7/15/21
 2442Boiler Replacement at JailPublic WorksRFB Results6/29/21
 2445Airport Gift ShopPurchasingCancelled 
 2449AE Services for Jail Kitchen Dishwashing RoomPurchasingRFQ Results8/31/21
 2451Wheel Loader for New South LandfillPurchasingRFQ Results8/27/21
 2452Diesel Tank for New South LandfillPurchasingRFQ Results8/24/21
 2453Boiler Maintenance Services at AirportPurchasingRFQ Results9/21/21
 2454Litter Wind Screens for New South LandfillPurchasingRFQ Results8/27/21
 2455Large Format ScannerPurchasingRFQ Results9/8/21
 2457Pamperin Park GatePublic WorksCancelled 
 2457APamperin Park GatePublic WorksRFB Results10/26/21
 2458Construction Projects at Central LibraryPublic WorksRFB Results10/4/21
 2460Lily Lake Pier & Alternate Kayak LaunchPublic WorksRFB Results10/28/21
 2461ELF & SLF Well Abandonment or ReplacementPublic WorksRFB Results11/4/21
 2462Dumpster HaulingPurchasingRFQ Results11/9/21
 2463Concrete Blocks for New South LandfillPurchasingRFQ Results11/2/21
 2464Entrance Sign for New South LandfillPurchasingRFQ Results11/2/21
 2467Tractor and Mower for ParksPurchasingRFQ Results11/29/21
 2469Replace Garage Door at Central LibraryPublic WorksRFB Results12/7/21
 2471Wetland Restoration Grass Waterway Wildlife HabitatPublic WorksRFB Results1/24/22
 2473AE Services for East Branch LibraryPurchasingRFP Results1/5/22
 2480Soild Waste & Recycling Transfer Station HaulingPurchasingRFQ Results3/1/22
 2481Picnic Tables and Fire Rings for ParksPurcahsingRFQ Results2/8/22
 2482Golf Course Irrigation Controller and Central ComputerPurcahsingRFQ Results2/22/22
 2483Eagles Nest DevelopmentPurcahsingRFP Results5/3/22
 2486Escalator Replacement at AirportPublic WorksRFB Results3/8/22
 2488Replacement of Jail Diesel TankPublic WorksRFB Results3/4/22
 2491LP Powered Rider SweeperPurcahsingRFQ Results3/10/22
 2494Airport AdvertsingPurcahsingRFP Results5/27/22
 2500Motorola Tower SitePublic WorksRFB Results4/12/22