Project #Project DescriptionResponsible
Project Results 
 2504MFD Replacement & MaintenancePurchasingRFP Results 
 2531ARestroom Building Renovation at Golf CoursePublic WorksRFB Results 
 2549BMuseum Building Controls UpgradePublic WorksRFB Results 
 2555AConcrete Repairs at Several LocationsPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2559East Branch Library Fiber Optics ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2561AHU Energy Recovery Wheel Replacement at JailPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2562Spring 2023 Aerial OrthophotosPurchasingRFQ Results 
 2563Eng Services for Bay Shore Park Restroom & Shower FacilitiesPurchasingRFQ Results 
 2564Central Libary Fence for North GardenPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2565Color Printer Lease for Document CenterPurchasingRFQ Results 
 2567Air Cooled Condensing Unit Replacement at Syble HoppPublic WoksRFB Results 
 2569Central Library HVAC EngineeringPurchasingRFP Results 
 2570Energy Audit Facilities Assessment and Feasibility StudyPurchasingRFP Results 
 2571Construction of H.J. DeBaker Eagles Nest Park & Boat LaunchPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2572Asphalt Shingle RecyclingPurchasingRFQ Results 
 2574J Dewey Fiber Optic ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2575Jail 911 Tower Fiber Optic ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2576Prevea Redundancy Fiber Optic ConnectionPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2578Sheriffs Office Rooftop Unit ReplacementPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2582Resch Center Bowl Floor RecoatingPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2583New HVAC Unit for Conference Room at P&RRPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2585Drone for PALSPurchasingRFP Results 
 2587Museum Auditorium AVPurchasingRFQ Results 
 2588Inmate Commissary Services & KiosksPurchasingRFQ Results 
 2589Penguin Life Support Filtration SystemPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2590Wetland Restoration 657 & Wildlife HabitatPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2591HJ DeBaker Eagles Nest Boat Launch Restroom FacilityPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2593RST Tip Floor East Metal Wall & Insulation RepairPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2594Asphalt Sealing of Parking Lot at P&RR OfficePublic WorksRFB Results 
 2595Concrete Repairs at P&RR OfficePublic WorksRFB Results 
 2596Overhead Door Replacement on Shed at West LandfillPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2598Roof Repairs at AirportPublic WorksRFB Results 
 2607Ice Deck Cover at Resch CenterPurchasingRFQ Results 
 2608Resch Center Exterior WashPurchasingRFQ Results