1. Where is the Purchasing office located?

Purchasing / Administration
Northern Building, 5th Floor
305 E. Walnut Street
Green Bay, WI, 54301
Phone: (920) 448-4040
Email: Contact Purchasing

2. Who should I contact to start doing business with Brown County?

The best way is to monitor the Brown County website and join Onvia Demand Star at to receive free project notifications.
Purchasing does not meet with vendors unless it involves a current open project.

3. Where can I find out what the County is currently interested in buying? (Open Projects)

Brown County welcomes the opportunity to do business with all interested vendors. Open RFBs / RFIs / RFPs / RFQs / OTPs & OTLs are posted on the “Open Projects” webpage. The majority of these purchases result in contract terms up to five (5) years in length.
Brown County also posts open projects on DemandStar website. DemandStar brings together an extensive database of government agencies and vendors on the internet. Their services enable us to improve our service to you by featuring automatic project notification and instant access to detailed specifications via the web after a vendor is registered.

For FREE Vendor Registration

4. What kind of projects will I find on this website?

The Purchasing Department facilitates purchases over $5,000 by advertising all goods/services needed. These projects are posted in 3 main formats as shown below:
Project Formats Definition
Request for Bid (RFB) A structured purchasing process for Public Works projects $5,000 or more, and used to determine source selection when prices is the ONLY factor.
Request for Proposal (RFP) A structured purchasing decision process used to determine source selection when price is NOT the only factor.
Request for Quote (RFQ) A structured purchasing decision process used to determine source selection when price is the ONLY factor.

Click 'here' to be redirected to the GENERAL INFORMATION page for detailed description and flowcharts for each of the vendor selection processes.

The majority of contracts for goods and services are solicited every 3 - 5 years.

5. What are public works projects?

Public works are a contract for the construction, repair, remodeling, improvement of a public work or building, or for the furnishing of supplies or material of any kind, Public Works projects greater than $5,000 are required to be advertised for by law.

These projects are posted as a Request For Bid (RFB).

Click 'Here' to be redirected to the Purchasing General Information page for more details.

For more information on public works laws, please reference WI statutes & other details on the following websites:

6. How do I get specifications of a project that I see listed on the website?

You can download projects and related specifications directly from the Brown County Open Projects website page.

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7. What are Brown County's terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions are included in Brown County's standard contract that is posted on this website for each project.

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8. What about gifts/gratuities?

It is against the law to offer gifts/gratuities to a County employee, and it is against the law for a County employee to accept them.


9. What is Brown County's tax exempt number?

The Tax Exempt number, tax exempt certificate and the County's W9 is found on the Purchasing Related Forms, Documents & Templates page.

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