Evening Horizon in Brown County
Evening Horizon in Brown County

Would you like to change your court order?
There are three options:
  1. Complete a Stipulation, which is an agreement between the mother, father and the Family Court Commissioner. A Stipulation can be obtained on our Pro Se Forms and Documents page or at the Brown County Clerk of Courts Office, for a fee
  2. Schedule a hearing with the Family Court Commissioner (Pro se Motion). Forms to file a Pro se Motion can be found here or at the Brown County Clerk of Courts office, for a fee.
  3. Request the Brown County Child Support Agency review the child support order. You may contact our Support Information Center (SIC) at 920-448-4090 and the Request for Review forms will be mailed to you. Please be advised, a review within the agency may take up to 4-6 months.
Why is my review taking so long?
There are many steps the enforcment worker must take to complete the review.For Incarcerated Payors
Please complete and return the Request for Review - Incarcerated Payor form

While you are incarcerated, the child support order in your case continues to charge, whether you have the ability to pay or not. However, you may be able to get your support order reduced or suspended while you are incarcerated. After evaluating the length and reason for your incarceration, the Child Support Agency (CSA) will determine whether it is appropriate to assist you with a modification.

If you want to request a modification of your child support order, please complete the form above and return it to the Brown County Child Support Agency. The county child support agency will notify you of its decision after reviewing your request. If your case meets the requirements for a review and modification, instructions will be mailed to you. Please complete a separate form for each county in which you have a case.

You may also have a private attorney ask the court to modify your order, or you may contact the Clerk of Court in the county responsible for enforcing your order.