Evening Horizon in Brown County
Evening Horizon in Brown County

The Brown County Child Support Agency (“Agency”) maintains business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Public Record inquiries may be made in person or in writing at the above address to the Records Custodian listed herein. It shall be the policy of the Agency to respond to public records requests that are not overly complex or involved within ten (10) business days. The Department shall require payment of fees prior to or at the time of the production of records below.

Public Record Fees Based on Actual, Reasonable, and Necessary Costs

Black and White Photocopy Reproduction Fees - $.25 per 8½” x 11” page.

Shipping and Handling Fees – actual, necessary and direct costs of shipping and handling.

Location Fees - Records which, in the view of the Department, will require equal to or more than $50.00 in total location costs (including labor) will require prepayment of such actual, necessary and direct costs. Location costs less than $50.00 may not be charged by the authority.

Records Available
Case Records
Case records maintained by the Agency contain confidential information regarding parties used for the purpose of administering the child support (IV-D) program. Subsequently, all IV-D case records containing participant information are kept confidential, with very limited accessibility. Additionally, the Agency prohibits access to IV-D records unless the party can demonstrate that the release of the information is directly related to the administration of the IV-D program. These limitations are applied uniformly to both parties, their respective attorneys, and other individuals specifically authorized by any party under a written authorization for release of information. As a general rule, only information provided by the participant themselves will be made available to that participant only upon request.

Account Histories
In lieu of the need for public record requests, the Bureau of Child Support provides free access to participant financial account histories via a secured online system upon successful registration.  Account history reports generated by the agency may be requested.

Court Documents
All court documents/orders used to administer the IV-D program must be obtained from the Clerk of Courts office at the costs established by that department.

Per WI Stat §49.83:
49.83 Limitation on giving information. Except as provided under ss. 49.25 and 49.32 (9), (10), and (10m), no person may use or disclose information concerning applicants and recipients of relief funded by a relief block grant, aid to families with dependent children, Wisconsin Works under ss. 49.141 to 49.161, social services, child and spousal support and establishment of paternity and medical support liability services under s. 49.22, or supplemental payments under s. 49.77 for any purpose not connected with the administration of the programs, except that the departments of children and families and health services may disclose, including by transmitting or granting access to electronic data, such information, including social security numbers, to the department of revenue for the sole purposes of administering state taxes, including verifying refundable individual income tax credits, and collecting debts owed to the department of revenue. Any person violating this section may be fined not less than $25 nor more than $500 or imprisoned in the county jail not less than 10 days nor more than one year or both.

Generally, the Agency also maintains other records relating to department business matters, including but not limited to, budget documents, accounting and financial cost reports, financial policies or procedures and cooperative agreements.

This policy is issued and authorized by the Brown County Child Support Director in accordance with Wisconsin's Public Records Law and Chapter 3, Section 3.18 of the Brown County Code of Ordinances entitled, “Access to Public Records.” This policy shall be made available to the public, filed with the Corporation Counsel and the County Clerk, and posted in the Brown County Child Support Agency.

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