The Brown County Health & Human Services Department provides comprehensive programming for adults with mental health issues who lack the resources to obtain services elsewhere in the community. Consumers work with a multi-disciplinary team to identify their needs and develop treatment plans that reduce the need for inpatient hospitalization and maintain the least restrictive living environment.

Individuals Seeking Services Must:**Certain Programs may require Medicaid enrollment

Services include: Mental Health Services are funded in part through Medicare, Medicaid-Title 19, and private insurance. Fees may be charged for some services.

For additional information, please contact Brown County Health & Human Services at (920) 391-6940.

For Immediate, Life-threatening Emergency
Call 911 to request that police, fire or ambulance immediately respond to a life-threatening emergency.

For Crisis Services and Suicide Prevention
Call the Crisis Center at (920) 436-8888.
Brown County Mental Health Navigation Guide
To view the Brown County Mental Health Navigation Guide, please click here.