The Brown County Health and Human Services Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic is committed to providing quality medication management services to the residents of Brown County. We have a variety of providers including Psychiatrists, Advance Practice Nurse Prescribers, and nursing staff.

General Eligibility:
We offer services for adult Brown County residents who are generally unable to be served elsewhere. This would include those without insurance and/or ability to pay other than a sliding scale fee, and those enrolled under some Medicaid HMO plans.

Programs Offered:
We provide initial assessment and diagnostic sessions typically lasting 50-60 minutes and follow-up medication management sessions typically lasting up to 15-20 minutes. We also have nursing staff that coordinate injection clinic services for those requiring injectible psychiatric medications.

To inquire further or make an appointment, call the Brown County Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic at 920.391.6940.