Children & Youth
  - Behavioral Health - Child
Learn what resources are available to help children/adolescents and their families experiencing emotional disturbance, mental health, substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders.
  - Birth to 3 Program
Help is available if you are concerned that an infant or toddler may have developmental delays and disabilities.
  - Child Abuse Referral/Report
What to do if you believe a child, age 0-18, has been abused, neglected or is at risk.
  - Children's Long Term Support
The Children's Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program helps children with disabilities and their families through supports and services that help children grow and live their best lives. CLTS is a home and community-based service waiver. 
  - Foster Parenting
Is being a foster parent for you? Every day foster parents help to save the lives of children who might not otherwise have a chance to learn and grow in a loving home environment.
  - Juvenile Court Services
A child involved in the Juvenile Justice System encounter a number of different people and agencies - Brown County's Youth Justice Team can help.
  - Kinship Care
Kinship Care is a term used to used to define a living arrangement where a minor child is residing with a relative.
  - Shelter Care (Youth)
 Learn about how Shelter Care, a non-secure facility for youth 10 - 17 years old.
  - Volunteer Services
Mission: To connect caring volunteers to vulnerable individuals and families with goals of promoting self-sufficiency, and enriching lives through support and encouragement.

The Volunteer Programs administered through the Brown County Health and Human Services Department are designed to complement and enhance the services provided to the community by our program units.

Our Volunteer Coordinators are also licensed Social Workers that follow industry standards for volunteer practices, which translates to a very professional experience for our volunteers.  All of our programs include orientation and training.