1. What documents are needed to apply for a marriage license?

When applying for a marriage license, both parties must present:
  • photo identification (drivers license, passport etc.)
  • a certified copy of their birth certificate
  • proof of residency
  • social security card
  • divorce decree/death certificate from previous marriage if applicable
  • contact information for their wedding officiant
Marriage brochure/checklist.

2. How do I apply for a U.S. Passport?

Passport forms, passport fees, information on how to apply and more can be found on the Department of State’s official website for passport and travel information: 

3. How do I get a certified copy of my marriage license?

For marriages in Wisconsin, please contact the Register of Deeds Office at 920-448-4470.

4. Where do I file for divorce or get copies of my divorce paperwork?

Please contact the Brown County Clerk of Circuit Court at (920) 448-4155.

5. Are appointments necessary for passport applications and/or marriage license application?

The Brown County Clerk's Office does not require appointments for any services provided.  The County Clerk's Office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to assist customers; however, customers must be at the County Clerk's Office well in advance of 4 p.m. in order to allow enough time to conduct business.

6. Where do I get a work permit for my child?

Work permits are required for children ages 15 and under and can be obtained through the WI DWD website. 
Work permit information.

7. What are the duties of an officiant?

Information regarding officiant responsibilites can be obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.
Information for marriage applicants and officiants