Businesses can send their Tier II to:

Brown County Emergency Management
Attn: Mr. Lauri Maki III
3030 Curry Lane
Green Bay, WI 54311

Or via e-mail:

Tier II facilities include manufacturing facilities, oil & gas bulk terminals, cold storage, utilities, municipalities, commercial sites and gas stations. In 1997, 250 facilities submitted Tier II Chemical Inventory Forms.

Off-Site Plans
The LEPC has taken a planned approach to developing and updating off-site emergency response plans for SARA planning facilities.

To coordinate the LEPC activities more effectively, all committee members are involved with a sub-committee. The following are the sub-committees and their responsibilities.

Information & Education: The information & education sub-committee is responsible for developing and disseminating information to the public about the LEPC activities and emergency preparedness. Annually they are involved with providing speakers through the speakers bureau, conducting activities to support HazMat Awareness Week, Manning a booth at the county Business Expo and providing written materials.

Plan Exercise: The plan exercise sub-committee is responsible to plan, develop and conduct either tabletop, functional or full-scale exercises in a effort to evaluate the county’s ability to effectively respond to chemical emergencies.