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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of these outdoor warning sirens?
The intent of the sirens is to alert the public of an iminent threat. These are used as a sign that something requires your attention, and you should seek further information as soon as possible. In these days of great advancements in technology, the sirens are not meant to be used as one's only option for emergency alerts, but as a fail safe in case no other options are available.

Shouldn't I be able to hear the sirens from inside my house?
The purpose of the outdoor sirens is for just that-- the outdoors. While your location may allow you to hear the sirens when indoors, this is not their intent... and other means of emergency alerting should be utilized inside of a business or residence.

How do I know that my local siren is working?
Brown County tests its sirens every Wednesday at 12:00PM, unless there is potential for severe weather at that time. In that case, the test would be postponed until the following Wednesday.  We post on our Facebook and Twitter on days when there will not be a test.

Beyond the warning sirens, what is the best way to be alerted during an emergency?
A NOAA weather radio offers instant information regarding severe weather in the county, and can be set to a specific alert mode for only your local area. In addition, local television, radio, and the internet can provide information--including cell phone alerts--regarding an emergency or severe weather situation.