Welcome to Brown County 4-H!

4-H is many things for many people. For some new families, this can occasionally feel like a daunting task. For the 2019-2020 program year, Brown County 4-H is releasing a new issue that covers a different topic to help new 4-H families understand different aspects of 4-H. Each issue contains 1 cover page talking about Brown County specifically, 1 page for the adult to learn about 4-H, and 1 page 4-H members to discover more about 4-H.
As new issues are released, they are posted here! Click on the links below to see the available issues of Exploring 4-H!

October 2019 - 4-H Pledge
November 2019 - Projects
December 2019 - Club Meetings
January 2020 - Terminology
February 2020 - Organizational Structure & Opportunities
March 2020 - Volunteering & Community Service
April 2020 - Camps
May 2020 - Learn By Doing

Please reach out if you ever have a question or need clarity on any 4-H topic. The Brown County 4-H website has a lot of useful resources! The Submission Forms page and the Forms and Documents page are both great resources for upcoming events, paperwork/applications, awards, club officers, trips, grants, and scholarships.
We’re so glad to have you as a part of the 4-H family!


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