The association currently meets every first Tuesday of the month.  These meetings are open to any club leader, parent, or youth. Please join us!

Next Meeting

Date:  Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Time:  6:00 PM
Location: Brown County STEM Innovation Center
2019 Technology Way, Green Bay

Please find meeting agendas and minutes below.
Meeting DateMeeting AgendaPrevious Meeting Minutes
December 5, 2023AgendaNovember Minutes
November 7, 2023AgendaOctober Minutes 
October 3, 2023AgendaSeptember Minutes
September 5, 2023AgendaAugust Minutes 
August 1, 2023AgendaJuly Minutes
**July 11, 2023**AgendaJune Minutes
June 6, 2023AgendaMay Minutes
May 2, 2023AgendaApril Minutes
April 4, 2023AgendaMarch Minutes
March 7, 2023AgendaFebruary Minutes
February 7, 2023AgendaDecember Minutes
December 6, 2022AgendaNovember Minutes
November 1, 2022AgendaOctober Minutes
October 4, 2022AgendaSeptember Minutes
September 6, 2022AgendaAugust Minutes
August 2, 2022AgendaJune Minutes
June 7, 2022AgendaMay Minutes
May 3, 2022AgendaApril Minutes
April 7, 2022AgendaMarch Minutes
March 1, 2022AgendaFebruary Minutes
February 1, 2022AgendaNo January Meeting
No January MeetingNo January MeetingDecember Minutes
December 2021AgendaNovember Minutes
November 2021AgendaOctober Minutes
October 2021AgendaSeptember Minutes
September 2021AgendaAugust Minutes
August 2021AgendaJuly Minutes
July 2021AgendaJune Minutes
June 2021AgendaMay Minutes
May 2021AgendaApril Minutes
April 2021AgendaMarch Minutes
March 2021AgendaFebruary Minutes
February 2021AgendaJanuary Minutes
January 2021AgendaNovember Minutes
December 2020No December MeetingNo December Meeting
November 2020AgendaOctober Minutes