Brown County has sixteen 4-H clubs. Many of these clubs offer a wide variety of educational projects and events throughout the year for members and their families. Other 4-H clubs provide in-depth training in one project area. Click to view a detailed spreadsheet with all the clubs for easy printout and comparison.

You can find out more about each club, when and where they meet, who to contact for more information, and information about upcoming meetings and events by clicking on the each clover in the below interactive map or the click on the club name in the table below the interactive map.

If you have any questions about which club to join, email the 4-H office and we can help you find the best fit for your family!


4-H Club Name


County Location

Anston Country SquiresPittsfieldNorthwest
Denmark Red LightningNew DenmarkSoutheast
East River RidersGreen BayCentral
Friendly FieldsGreen BayCentral
Happy ValleyLedgeviewCentral
Junior JetsBellevueNortheast
Legacy BuildersDe PereCentral
Lost DauphinLawrenceSouthwest
Shooting SportsDe PereCentral
Suamico BeavertailsSuamicoNorthwest
TailwaggersDe PereCentral