Due to COVID-19, all in person trainings including self study are currently not being offered. Visit here to take the temporary online training which will provide temporary certification through October 31, 2020. If your certification expired in 2020, DATCP extended those certifications to be valid through October 31, 2020.
Do you plan on using a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) AND produce an Tractor Spraying Fieldagricultural commodity on your property or your employers property? If both those are correct, then you are a Private Applicator. Private Applicators can get certified in three categories, General Farm, Fruits Crops or Greenhouse & Nursery.

As a Private Applicator you have to receive training and certification to apply RUPs. If you are not going to be using any RUPs then you are off the hook. To receive training and certification, purchase and study the Private Applicator Training manual from the Extension Brown County Office.  Once you have studied the manual you can do one of the following options:

1) Take the test without attending a class (self study option).  If you are ready to test, contact the office to schedule your exam.  You must score a 70 percent or better when doing this option. 

2) Go to a training offered by the Extension Brown County Office and then do the test at the end of the training.  All classes for 2020 have been completed.

Contact Alyssa at the Extension Brown County Office via email at alyssa.zirbel@browncountywi.gov or at 920-391-4654 about either of these options.


Exam Score

A minimum score of 50 percent must be achieved on the exam administered at the end of the training. Those choosing the test-only option must score 70 percent. The test is open book and you are allowed 2 hours, with retakes (if necessary) at no extra cost.


Getting Your Exam Score

DATCP will send your exam score by mail. This can take up to 30 days, depending on the time of year when you test. DATCP’s certification and licensing program staff CANNOT give out your exam score over the phone.

You may be able to check your score sooner on DATCP’s PACS Exam Results and Certification Information website at: http://datcpservices.wisconsin.gov/pacsweb/index.jsp. When you use this online service, enter your certification number if you are recertifying or your exam answer sheet number. Wait at least 10 days after testing before checking your score online. If your results are not available your exam has not been graded; do not call DATCP it can take up to 30 days to score your exam.


Private Applicator

After you take the exam at the Extension Brown County Office, the county agent will mail your answer sheet to the WDATCP. If you wish to find out your exam score before the WDATCP mailing, be sure to record the exam answer sheet number and see the “Getting Your Exam Score” above.

If you passed the exam, your new certification card will be included in the mailing with your exam score. Be sure to sign the card and carry it with you whenever you perform any activity for which certification is required. NOTE: Even if you found out through PACS that you passed the exam, you must have your certification card in hand before you can perform any activity for which certification is required.

If you failed the exam, contact the Extension Brown County Office to retake the exam.