Vet Garden
Vet Garden

Tilled community garden
Address: 621 5th St, Green Bay, WI 54304
Special thanks to the City of Green Bay for land use.

Plots: 40

Size of Plots: 4x8, 3x40, 20x20

Rental Fee: $10, $15, $25

Map of Garden: 5th St map
Water: Water is available in a large tank between the plowed beds and in a tank by
 the raised and no-till beds. Tanks are filled by volunteer labor from Schroeder’s Flowers. Gardeners are encouraged to mulch and conserve waterwhenever possible.
Fencing: The plowed and raised bed gardens are not fenced in. Gardeners are encouraged to put up their own temporary fencing at the beginning of the season, due to pests. Fencing must be removed at the end of each season.(Note: The no-till garden is fenced, but installing additional personal fencing is recommended, as many animals still enter the garden area.)

Planting Restrictions: The plowed garden is plowed twice a year. Because of this, all plants must be annuals.

Soil: 2017 5th St soil report for plowed beds2017 5th St soil report for raised beds5th St lead test

Compost: The 5th St Garden does not have a compost system.

Waste: There is not a garbage can available at the 5th St Garden. Waste must be carried out.

*No-till rows are part of a trial no-till garden. These garden rows may require additional responsibilities. Gardeners who are interested can inquire to learn more.