Vet Garden
Vet Garden

Address: 2421 West Point Rd, Green Bay, WI 54304
Special thanks to Bridge Point Church for land use.

Plots: 32

Size of Plots: 4x8, 10x20

Rental Fee: $10, $15

Map of Garden: MacArthur Heights map

Water: Water is available in a large tank. Gardeners are encouraged to mulch and conserve water whenever possible, as water is used quickly and the cost is billed to the program.

Fencing: This garden is not fenced in. Gardeners are strongly encouraged to put up their own temporary fencing at the beginning of the season due to deer and other pests. Fencing must be removed at the end of each season.

Planting restrictions: This garden is plowed twice a year. Because of this, all plants must be annuals.

Soil: 2019 MacArthur Heights soil test; MacArthur Heights lead test

Compost: The MacArthur Heights Community Garden does not have a compost bin.

Waste: There is not a garbage can available at the MacArthur Heights Community Garden. Waste must be carried out and not stored onsite.

Other: IMPORTANT! Gardeners may NOT park in the parking lot next to the garden on Sundays from 8am-12pm and Wednesdays from 6-8pm because of church services.

Please make certain to weed the paths around your plot. This area is your responsibility, and failing to weed makes it very difficult for others to access their plots.

Please make sure to keep rocks, weeds, and garden materials out of the grass surrounding the garden, as these interfere with maintenance activities.