Vet Garden
Vet Garden

Community garden plot raised garden bedsAddress: 1004 N Irwin Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302
Special thanks to the City of Green Bay for land use.

Plots: 33

Size of Plots: 4x8, 12.5x4.5

Rental Fee: $10, $15

Map of Garden: Olde North map

Water: Water is available in two tanks next to the shed. This water is filled by volunteer labor from Schroeder’s Flowers. Gardeners are asked to try their best to conserve water, as water is used quickly at this garden. Please note raised beds, in particular tabletop beds, dry out quickly and often require more frequent watering.
Fencing:This garden is fenced in, though smaller pests are able to enter. Gardeners are allowed to put temporary fencing around their plots, but most gardeners do not find this necessary. Fencing must stay within gardeners' plots and must be removed at the end of the growing season.
Planting Restrictions: All plants must be annuals.
Community garden tabletop beds
Soil: Garden beds were rebuilt in Spring 2019 and filled with garden soil from Green Bay Nursery. It is recommended that gardeners regularly add compost to their plots to increase its quality. Free City compost is available at 1470 Hurlbut St and 2530 East Shore Drive. Garden leaders will advise gardeners if compost from the garden’s compost bin is ready to be used.

Compost: The Olde North Community Garden has a compost bin structure next to its shed. Gardeners must chop plants into small pieces before adding, and may not add diseased plants. Click here for a guide to acceptable and unacceptable compost items. Gardeners are asked to contact the garden coordinator if willing to help with compost maintenance.

Waste: There is a black garbage bin next to the garden shed.

Other: Gardeners are also responsible for weeding the woodchip/gravel area around the edge of their plots.