Vet Garden
Vet Garden

Planting for a Purpose is a program for gardeners to plant a plot and donate fresh produce to local food pantries.  
Any gardener, novice, or veteran, who wants to give back via gardening can get involved. You do not have to be a participant in the community gardens program to be involved. Anyone who gardens at home or has their own micro-farm can participate and give back to the community. 
Sign up to participate in Planting for a Purpose here.

Report your donations for 2024 here.   
The Planting for a Purpose program also distributes free seed potatoes provided by Wisconsin Seed Potato Certification Program for those willing to donate half of their harvest to a food pantry.  

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to leading a healthy life, but buying produce can be a challenge for some. Two-thirds of Brown County food pantry users say they would like to eat more fruits and vegetables, but name cost as the top reason they do not. To meet this need, local food pantries would like to offer pantry consumers more fresh produce. Donations from your garden help make this possible!

Check out which local Food Pantries are accepting donations here.pdf (586 KB)

Most pantries accept many types of fresh produce, but especially look for common fruits and vegetables that are easy to store. These include green beans, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onions, apples, corn, squash and tomatoes.

· Donate food that is ready to be harvested.
· Wash your hands before handling produce.
· Brush off as much mud and soil as possible.
· Store different types of produce separately in clean, food-safe containers.
· If not donating produce right after harvest, follow recommendations about refrigerating produce
· Keep animals and pets out of the garden.
· Choose a spot with uncontaminated soil for your garden.
· If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t donate it.