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Impact of FoodWIse in the Community


2023 Year End Impact Report


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2022 Year End Impact Report


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2021 Year End Impact Report

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2020 Year End Impact Report

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2019 Year End Impact Report

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FoodWIse Virtual School Programming During COVID

FoodWIse is now providing in-school virtual programming at Danz and Lincoln Elementary school. Two 5th grade classrooms at Lincoln Elementary School experienced garden-based and nutrition programming for their first time online this school year! We're grateful for the knowledge and support volunteer Master Gardener, Jayne Rising provided for the students. Instead of being outdoors, we delivered the garden to the students! FoodWIse donated pots, soil, and salad green seeds for the students to plant and grow with garden support from Jayne. FoodWIse provided nutrition education that taught students how to navigate their food environment to find whole, healthy foods and less processed foods. After the first class, students shared it was, "the best day ever!"





FoodWIse, United Health, and Full Circle Farm's Pantry Farm Stand

Through a United Health Grant, FoodWIse worked with Full Circle Farm to set up a produce stand at First Presbyterian Church.  Pantry customers saw the farm stand before entering the pantry and were invited to attend a 20-minute class on how to prepare it.  After the class, they received a United Health funded coupon for $10.00 to spend on the produce when leaving the pantry.







Oneida Cooking Classes

FoodWIse has collaborated with the Oneida Food Pantry and Food Distribution Program to offer nutrition and food prep classes. The classes are held monthly for 1.5 hours covering a nutrition topic and food preparation focused on a food distributed that month. Participants are gaining hands on skills preparing traditional foods provided by the Commodity Food Distribution Program.         









A Garden In Every School Initiative                                                                   

A school garden interest survey was developed by FoodWIse and administered in partnership with Green Bay Area School District.  Receiving a 70% response, nine schools requested a school garden. Specific needs and details needed for garden installations were determined through second survey.  Having a long term partnership with New Leaf Foods, a local nonprofit with a similar mission to FoodWIse, we proposed that school gardens be their 2019 “subsidized garden beds” project.  Joint fundraising efforts secured support from Cellcom, Community Foundation and community members.  “Growing Together” funds were also awarded from UW Extension to purchase gardening supplies and provide Master Gardener mentoring to all low income schools requesting them


Somali Families Eat for Good Health

Due to the amount of time spent in refugee camps, the Somali population has had little exposure to fresh produce and therefore have low consumption of fruit and vegetables (FV).  A daily intake of FV is recommended for protection against almost all major non-communicable diseases.A group of 10 Somali mothers participated in the series, held at the Islamic Center Society in Brown County. Each lesson included hands on food preparation. The program was taught in Somalian via an interpreter. After the program, more women reported eating more fruits and vegetbales and preparing the recipes used in class for their families.