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April 18, 2023 - FoodWIse Program updates - April 2023

FoodWIse Program updates: Bueno, Sabroso y Saludable

FoodWIse provided a five-week class for parents at St. Willebroard Church.  Participants learned how to read nutrition labels, explored food history and how we view food, and discussed the difference between whole and processed grains.  One of the concerns that was raised was making food for vegetarian children- so we tried a vegetable noodle bowl that included tofu.  Participants mentioned that after the session, they were more mindful about the nutrition labels and were appreciative for the time to think about best practices for their families. 

FoodWIse partnered with JAS house, which is an organization that works with young adults who have aged out of the foster care system.  We discussed food histories, focusing on why we eat what we eat, learned about reading food labels, and discussed healthy eating practices.  During the grocery store tour there was the opportunity to put these concepts into practice.  We spoke about reading nutrition labels and unit prices, we even had the chance to compare the nutrition labels of some of the food the participants typically buy. Participants learned about added sugars and that foods that seem healthy, like yogurt, can have a lot of added sugars, we talked about how to avoid this. Over the two classes the participants became more confident in their knowledge of healthy foods and how to find affordable healthy food at the grocery store.