The Brown County Seed Library is a curated collection of seeds - primarily edible plants - that are suited for success in the Northern Wisconsin growing region. These seeds are available free of charge to anyone interested in planting vegetables, fruits and pollinator-friendly plants. The inaugural year of 2023 will focus on getting seeds into the hands of local growers of all ages. Seed donations and monetary donations to purchase seeds are needed to fill the Seed Library cabinet, and are accepted at the Brown County Extension Office. Educational programs and future initiatives will encourage seed-saving techniques to help replenish the collection.

You can participate in the Brown County Seed Library at no cost by filling out this brief form. This will allow organizers to keep you informed about related news and later help us evaluate the use of the Seed Library.

Check out the catalog of seeds available on a first-come first-served basis from the Seed Library.

Learn more about the Brown County Seed Library here.

Guides to Growing Vegetables
 Brussel Sprouts
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 Zucchini/Summer Squash 

Guides to Growing Herbs
 Mustard/Mustard Greens

Guides to Growing Pollinators and Flowers
 Bee Balm
 Gaillardia/Blanket Flower
 Mountain Mint

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