Custom Training & Support
Tap the resources of University of Wisconsin-Extension Brown County. Extension can provide information, training and direction based on the goals of your organization. After an initial assessment, Extension will develop a flexible class schedule and plan, working with your organization to best determine class location and format to maximize attendance and return. Click here for more information on how Extension can help your organization.


Basic Grant Proposal Workshop
This workshop will equip you with the basic skills of grant writing, an increasingly essential method for raising money to fund projects or programs for your organization. Discover the how and where to look for funding to match your organization’s needs. Find out about 990 Forms, where to find them, and what can they tell you to help you narrow your search for a grant that would meet your project need. Find out where there are grant libraries and why you would visit them. Learn tips on writing a grant proposals. The workshop will cover the components of a grant proposal. The workshop will look at how a needs assessment, program planning, and evaluation fit into a proposal format. Look at some basic strategies for determining budget requests and working with funding agencies. 

Save the Date:
October 18th, 10:00am - 12:00pm
This workship will be free and offered virtually and in-person. More information on Registration will be coming soon.

For more information, contact Extension Community Development Educator Patrick Nehring at or (920) 764-1915. If you are attending the virtual session, you can also contact Mia Ljung at, or Addison Vang at