Join in the fun of Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinator Week by purchasing a Pollinator Activity Pack to help learn more about pollinators at home.
The Pollinator Activity Pack features at-home activities, a full color Wisconsin Bee Identification Guide, and Pollinator Week souvenirs. The at-home activities are designed to encourage an understanding of local pollinators and the importance of pollinator habitat conservation.

The Pollinator Activity Pack supplies all materials for the following activities:
1. Pollinator Seed Pod- Create small pods of clay and soil packed with seeds to plant colorful pollinator habitats.
2. Insect Hotel- Provide shelter and habitat for our pollinator friends while they are busy at work.
3. Paper Folding- Use math and reasoning skills to create flowers and the creatures that pollinate them.

Cost per pack is $15 (plus $8.25 for shipping)
Includes: materials and workbook for activities listed above, full color Wisconsin Bee Identification Guide, Wisconsin Celebrates Pollinator Week drawstring bag & logo sticker, pollinator scavenger hunt card, steps to mimic the bee waggle dance, and instructions to access the statewide BioBlitz through the iNaturalist smartphone app.


Click here to order your Pollinator Activity Pack. Pollinator Activity Packs will be shipped the week of June 12, 2022.