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One of the first steps to having a successful lawn or garden is having your soil tested. A soil test provides more information about the nutrient status of your soil, pH level, organic matter content and texture. The test report also suggests various soil management practices to improve the fertility of the soil for a given crop. You can get your lawn, garden, food plot or compost tested through the Extension Brown County Office.


Follow these steps to properly submit your soil sample at the Extension Office:

Properly sample your soil; a total of 2 cups is required for testing.

Where to Take Lawn & Garden Soil Samples
Be sure the soil sample is representative of the entire lawn or garden by preparing a composite sample. You can do this by collecting small cores of soil from five locations in the sampling area, and then combining them into one sample. Do not include soil from both a lawn and garden area in the same composite sample.

If you think your lawn or garden has large areas that differ in fertility, divide the area being sampled into two or more parts and prepare a composite sample from each part. With a lawn, take a composite sample from the front lawn and another from the back lawn. Or, take a composite sample from a shaded area and another from an open or sunny area.  We highly recommend talking to our Horticulture staff BEFORE doing a lawn sample, as many lawn problems may be due to factors a soil test will not identify. 

How to Take Soil Samples
A garden trowel, small spade, or bulb planter is recommended. Sample gardens to the depth of tillage, normally about 5 to 7 inches.  Collect from four to five random locations within your sample area (2 cups total needed) and mix the soil together.  Remove all grass and other materials from the composite sample and mix the soil thoroughly. Place soil into a bag and bring to the Extension office.
Determine which type of test you need:

Visit us at Extension Brown County to drop off your soil. 

We are located on the UWGB Campus in the STEM Innovation Center (2019 Technology Way, Room#113 Green Bay, WI 54311).  Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8AM - 4PM.

Payment method can be cash, check, or credit card. 

Please make checks made payable to Brown Country Treasurer.

For further information on soil testing, please contact us at 920-391-4610.