Picture of Soil in Hands
One of the first steps to having a successful lawn or garden is having your soil tested. A soil test provides more information about the nutrient status of your soil, pH level, organic matter content and texture. The test report also suggests various soil management practices to improve the fertility of the soil for a given crop. You can get your lawn and garden soil tested at the Extension Brown County Office. 

Follow these steps to properly submit your soil sample at the Extension Office:

  1. Properly sample your soil; a total of 2 cups is required for testing. For more information on how to sample your soil, please click here.
  2. Fill out the lawn and garden soil sample submission form.  Click here to download the form.  Please leave the payment information blank.  If you are unsure how to complete the form, please wait to fill out the form at our office and we can help. 
  3. Visit us at Extension Brown County to drop off your soil.  We are located on the UWGB Campus in the STEM Innovation Center (2019 Technology Way, Room#113 Green Bay, WI 54311).  Our summer office hours are: Monday-Thursday, 7AM-4:30PM and Friday, 7AM-12PM.
  4. Cost per sample is $22.00 and payment method can be cash, check, or credit card.  You may pay online ahead of time by clicking here.  Please make checks made payable to Brown Country Treasurer.
For further information on soil testing, please contact us at 920-391-4610.