Duck Creek Facility
Duck Creek Facility
Road Work
Road Work

1. Can I place a memorial on the highway?

Brown County Public Works follows the Wisconsin Department of Transportation guidlines on placing memorials within the right of way of all county roads.

The guidelines are shown in the MEMORIALS ON STATE HIGHWAYS BROCHURE.

Any questions on this matter should be directed to the Brown County Public Works office at 920-662-2173.

2. What's the DOT Mowing Policy?

Information on the DOT Mowing Policy can be found here.

3. Where can I place my mailbox?

The attached information will show proper mailbox placement along the County Trunk Highway System.

Mailbox Placement

4. Who Takes Care of My Road?

State Highway 29, 32, 96, etc. - If you are located on a road with a number designation (state highway) contact: 
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation contracts with the Public Works - Highway Division to provide maintenance services such as plowing, mowing, brush cutting, etc.

County A, B, BB, etc. - If you are located on a road with a letter designation (county highway) contact:
Brown County Public Works - Highway Division
2198 Glendale Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54303

"Glendale Avenue" (Named Roads) - If you are located on a road with a name (municipal road) contact:
Your respective City, Village or Town