Benefits Changes due to a qualifying life event  must be initiated with HR within 30 days of the event, including documentation of the event.
Qualifying Life Events include:
Making changes to benefits: Please contact HR at 920-448-4071 to obtain enrollment forms or see forms list.

Adding a Dependent
To add a dependent to your benefit plans, please complete the following within 30 days of the enrollment. Before any benefit changes to benefit plans can be processed, an ORIGINAL, CERTIFIED birth certificate must be brought into HR.

If you wish to change your life insurance beneficiary, complete the Beneficiary Designation Form with the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trusy (ETF).  See the link on the forms page.

  Brown County offers a comprehensive benefits package to its employees. Levels of benefits can vary employment status.

Medical Coverage
Brown County offers employees a Consumer Driven Health Plan. The plan includes hospitalization, surgical, and major medical benefits for employees and their families. The plan has deductibles of $2,000 for Single and $4,000 for Family in network coverage. Out-of-pocket maximums are $4,000 for Single and $8,000 for Family in network coverage. Prescription drugs are covered with a 20% co-payment for generic, preferred at 25% and non-preferred at 35%. A $0 co-pay for generic medications for specific chronic conditions. Medical coverage is available the first of the month following 30 days of benefit eligible employment.

Dental Coverage
Brown County offers a choice of two dental plans. Option 1 provides employees and their families with 100% coverage for preventative, 80% for basic routine and major restorative services with a $1,250 per person annual maximum. Orthodontia is covered at 50% to a separate $1,500 maximum per course of treatment. Option 2 provides employees and their families with an annual maximum of $2,500 per person with 100% coverage for preventative and basic services and major services. Orthodontia is available at 50% up to $2,500 per course or treatment. Dental coverage is available the first of the month following 30 days of benefit eligible employment.

Vision Coverage
Brown County offers a vision plan for employees and families that provides coverage for eye exams, lenses, frames and contacts. Co-pays may apply.

Life Insurance
Brown County offers a limited life insurance program through the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) Public Employers Group Insurance Trust. Basic term life insurance with an accidental death and dismemberment rider is available to full-time employees at costs specified in labor contracts. Each unit of coverage is equivalent to previous year's retirement earnings rounded to the nearest thousandth. Employees can elect to purchase four additional units at their own expense to supplement the basic life coverage. The maximum coverage available through WRS is equivalent to 5 times the basic unit of coverage.

Spouse and dependent coverage are available at employee expense, which provides $10,000 of life insurance on employee's spouse and $5,000 per dependent child. An additional unit of spouse and dependent coverage is available which provides another $20,000 of spouse and $10,000 per dependent.

Flexible Spending Account Plan
The Flexible Spending Account Plan saves money by allowing the employee to pay for certain insurance premiums, medical related expenses, and dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis, reducing annual taxable income resulting in Federal, State, Social Security, and Medicare tax savings. Employees are able to contribute an annual maximum of $2,600 into a health care expense account and up to $5,000 into a dependent care account.

Employee Assistance Program
Brown County has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The services offered are a benefit provided by Brown County at no cost to its employees and their immediate family members to help deal with life's stresses. EAP consists of caring individuals who are certified counselors. They offer professional support and direction towards resolving problems or concerns. They can also help by referring the employee to another resource if assistance is needed beyond the EAP.

Paid Time Off
Brown County offers several paid time off benefits that include: vacation, personal holidays, national holidays, funeral leave, military leave, casual leave, and short and long term disability.

Deferred Compensation
Deferred Compensation allows employees to set aside pre-tax earnings toward retirement. Employees can save up to 25% of their gross salary, to a maximum of $18,000 annually, or as little as $10.00 per paycheck. The amount deferred reduces year-end state and federal income tax base. All the earnings will accrue tax-free until such time as the assets are withdrawn, generally at retirement, termination, or other special circumstances.

Wisconsin Retirement Program
Wisconsin Retirement Program helps provide for financial security during retirement. Monthly annuity payments at retirement are calculated using years of creditable service, average earnings (based on three highest years of earnings), formula factors, age at retirement and selected annuity option or a money purchase option.

Voluntary Critical Illness & Accident Plans
Brown County offers employees voluntary Critical Illness and Accident plans. The voluntary Accident Plan helps with out-of-pocket medical expenses associated with an accident either on or off the job. It is designed to assist with expenses that aren't covered through your major medical insurance. The voluntary Critical Illness Plan is designed to assist with out of pocket medical expenses associated with cancer, cardiovascular illnesses, and other including paralysis, severe burns, severe brain damage, coma and major organ transplant.