Brown County has an Animal Waste Ordinance that regulates the design, construction, abandonment and maintenance of animal waste storage facilities, animal feedlots, leachate controls, and nutrient management. 

Animal Feedlot permits are required for new, expansion or modification to existing feedlots, housing structures or runoff control systems.

Waste storage abandonment permits are required for the abandonment of manure storage structures, tanks, hoppers, waste transfer pipes and channels.

Waste storage and transfer permits are required for new manure and leachate storage structures, tanks, hoppers, waste transfer pipes, channels and associated modifications.

2022 Rates and Fees

Approved plans and signed permits are required before construction.  After-the-fact permit is double the fee.  Mail or drop off all applicable plans and specifications, permit forms and fees to:

Brown County Land & Water Conservation Dept.
2019 Technology Way
Green Bay, WI  54311