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Medical Examiner's Office

The Medical Examiner’s Office conducts an independent investigation into each death falling under the jurisdiction of the Medical Examiner. The Medical Examiner works with Criminal Justice partners and Public Health partners to facilitate complete and accurate death investigations based in science. The Medical Examiner also provides expert scientific testimony in court when needed, as well as documentation of investigative findings for use.

The Medical Examiner’s Office also investigates deaths with a potential risk for public health, such as workplace related fatalities or deaths due to communicable disease that occur outside of a hospital setting, with findings relayed to partners in Occupational Safety, Public Health, and Consumer Products Safety.

The Medical Examiner’s Office investigates and certifies cases in which the individual dies while not under the care of a physician, or in cases where a physician cannot or will not sign a death certificate. In this, the Medical Examiner’s Office serves as the physician of the public. The Medical Examiners and the Medicolegal Investigators interact closely with surviving family members to provide a respectful and compassionate service.

The Medical Examiner is responsible for the review of all deaths where cremation is chosen as the form of final disposition. The Medical Examiner’s Office also issues disinterment permits in cases where a decedent is to be exhumed and cremated or moved to a different place of internment.

Contact:  Brown County Medical Examiner's Office
Phone: 920-448-4185
Fax: 920-448-4185
Address:  300 E Walnut St, Lower Level, Green Bay WI 54301