PALS now has an online payment option! See below for details: .
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Director: Cole Runge  •  Phone: 920-448-6480  •  Fax: 920-448-4487
Physical Address: Northern Building - Room 320  •  305 East Walnut Street  •  Green Bay  •  WI  •  54301  •  Map
Mailing Address: 305 E. Walnut St., Room 320  •  P.O. Box 23600  •  Green Bay, WI, 54305-3600
Office Hours: Monday - Friday  •  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
PALS now has an online payment option!

The Planning and Land Services (PALS) Department is partnering with AllPaid to provide an online payment option for:
  • Sanitary Permits
  • Shoreland Permits
  • Purchasing Maps
  • Land Division
    • CSMs
    • Plats
    • Condominiums
  • Sewer Service Planning 
    • Water Quality Management (208) Letter
    • Sewer Service Area Amendments
    • ESA Amendments
    • ESA Plan Corrections

You can pay using major credit, debit, and prepaid debit cards, including:

Each transaction includes a 3.5% service fee, and there is a $1.00 minimum service fee. 
To Pay:
  • Click on the payment link.  The link is included below and on the individual PALS division pages.  
  • Complete the online payment form.  Please provide a detailed description of your purchase in the form’s Payment Description box so PALS can quickly process your transaction.  The box allows up to 225 characters for your description.    
  • After completing the form, click on Continue at the bottom of the form.  You will receive a payment confirmation message that shows the payment amount, service fee, and total charge to your card.  
For customer service questions, please contact the PALS Department at (920) 448-6480.
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Welcome to the Planning and Land Services (PALS) Department

The purpose of the Brown County Planning and Land Services Department is to provide planning, education, regulatory enforcement, and accurate and accessible land and property ownership information.  In accordance with existing and future needs, the department promotes public health, welfare, safety, order, convenience, efficiency, and economy and resource protection in Brown County. In addition, PALS also provides information and assistance related to housing.  

Divisions and Responsibilities

HousingThe Housing division oversees the Housing Choice Voucher program and housing revenue bonds, provides down payment and closing cost assistance to qualified potential homebuyers, and administers the Northeastern Wisconsin Housing Rehabilitation CDBG Loan Program. 
Land Information OfficeThe Land Information Office designs, coordinates, implements, and maintains land information using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for all county departments as well as coordinates services and products with local municipalities, state government, and other outside agencies.
PlanningThe Planning division includes six planning areas: Economic Development, Housing, Land Use, Local Assistance, Natural Resources, and Transportation. The Brown County Comprehensive Plan - A Vision for Great Communities provides guidance for planning activities.
Property ListingThe Property Listing division carries out statutory duties to create and maintain a current property listing file and mapping system which accurately displays the ownership, mailing address, taxing status, geographic location, enclosed area, and map of every tax parcel of land within the County. The department also carries out the statutory duties to maintain the Public Land Survey system and file, index and maintain the survey and monument records within the County for retrieval purposes.
ZoningThe Zoning division is authorized to issue sanitary and shoreland permits to assure conformance with code requirements. The department also administers and issues permits for the non-metallic mining reclamation program to ensure compliance with State administrative code.