Land Information & Maps
1. How do I search for properties or land parcels in Brown County?

The following online tools let you search for properties in Brown County:
  1. The Property Search site (click here) is a web form where you can search by address or parcel number to view land ownership, assessment values, tax information and more.
  2. The BrownDog GIS map (click here) includes a search box on the upper left part of the map. You can search by Parcel ID, address, PLSS section/town/range, subdivision name, and named landmarks.  The map will zoom to your search result, and you can click on the map to bring up popups showing additional information. 

2. How do I view maps of Brown County, such as the GIS map?

The map gallery can be found here (click here).

3. How can I download land records data for use in my own software? 

You can download many of our land records datasets from our Data Downloads page (click here).  You will need the appropriate software (CAD, GIS, Microsoft Access or Excel) to view these files after you have downloaded them.

The most commonly-requested files are offered for download in your software. Many of the files are "tiled" into manageable-sized pieces such as PLSS sections. The data download mapping apps let you choose the type of data you want to download, locate your area of interest, and click your area of interest to download the file/tile for that location.

Below are some of the file types available for download:
  • Parcel "tax roll" records
    • Microsoft Access format
  • Parcel maps
    • AutoCAD DWG format.
    • GIS Shapefile and GeoDatabase formats
  • Topographic maps
    • LiDAR LAS format (point cloud)
    • AutoCAD DWG format (contour lines and bare earth points)
    • GIS formats (shapefile points, contours, DEM)
  • Aerial photos
    • SID and TIF formats
  • Brown County Geodatabase
    • The Esri File Geodatabase download includes the following features:
      • Address points and graphics
      • Administrative boundaries such as municipal boundaries, tribal areas, and emergency response areas
      • Parcel information including polyons with related tables, all graphics including annotation, and PLSS information
      • Census blocks
      • Districts and Wards
      • Hydrography (lakes/rivers/drainage)
      • Parks
      • Schools
      • Transportation data (street centerlines, railways, trails, sidewalks, airports, etc)
      • And more.