Transit, Roundabout, Trail
Transit, Roundabout, Trail

The economic development program is designed to encourage and assist the private sector in growing, creating jobs, and contributing to Brown County’s overall economy and quality of life.                                                                            
Brown County Business Park 
Interactive Map
Brown County Interactive Business Park Map

As a top initiative of the Brown County Planning and Land Services Department, we are utilizing new technology to further efforts which increase the visibility of properties available for purchase and development around the county. Utilizing online mapping, the Planning and Land Services Department has created a tool that allows prospective businesses to "shop" for available land within business and industrial park lands located in Brown County. The new tool, aptly called the "Brown County Business Park Interactive Map," offers users information for each business park including contact information for the local municipality as well as a demographic profile for the surrounding area. The Brown County Planning and Land Services Department has been working with each municipality to collect detailed data on each business park, which is an ongoing progress. This detailed information contains important information including site information, transportation, utilities, adjacent land uses, terms, as well as contact information for the local municipality, Advance, and Brown County Economic Development. Click on the interactive business park map. 
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