Transit, Roundabout, Trail
Transit, Roundabout, Trail

Land Use Planning includes administering the county subdivision and platting regulations. Currently, the planning commission reviews all land divisions within the villages and towns that result in the creation of lots 10 acres or less in size that are located outside of the sewer service area and 40 acres or less in size inside of the sewer service area. Staff also reviews and makes recommendations regarding requests for variances from the subdivision regulations, serves as an objecting agency for all subdivision plats located within the cities, and develops Area Development Plans, erosion control and stormwater management plans, and the recommendations of the Brown County Comprehensive Plan-Vision for Great Communities.
Brown County Land Division & Subdivision Ordinance
        You may view and print the ordinance. You must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. (Click here to view and print)
         Application form for the required fees charged by Brown County Planning Commission for review of proposed land divisions. The fees are subject to change.
        This file needs Acrobat Reader. Click on the email hyperlink to submit a subdivision and certified survey map (CSM)
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