Transit, Roundabout, Trail
Transit, Roundabout, Trail

Section 5310 Program 

This program is designed to enhance mobility for seniors and people with disabilities. The program provides Federal funding for capital expenses and transportation related equipment that serve seniors and people with disabilities. 

Applicants will be able to request funding for vehicles (traditional 5310 purchases), certain operating expenses, mobility management activities, and non-vehicle capital purchase projects (traditional Section 5317 purchases).

Program Administration

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has decided that it will not administer the new 5310 Enhanced Mobility Program in the Green Bay Urbanized Area or in other urbanized areas in Wisconsin that exceed 200,000 people. This means that a local administration process had to be developed by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (the Brown County Planning Commission) and local public transit operator (Green Bay Metro) to allow the funds associated with the new program to be distributed in the Green Bay area. 

The state’s four large urbanized areas (Appleton, Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee) are now administering their 5310 programs while WisDOT continues to administer the program for the remainder of the state. WisDOT is currently working closely with the four large urbanized areas and will continue to do so during the application and review processes.

Who Can Apply for Section 5310 Program Funds? 

Eligible recipients for non-vehicle capital and operating projects (including mobility management activities) include:Eligible recipients for vehicle purchase projects include:
  1. are approved by the state to coordinate services for seniors and individuals with disabilities, or
  2. certify that there are no non-profit organizations readily available in the area to provide the service.
WisDOT  website 

  Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program
Management Plan
2016 Recipient Coordination and Management Plan for the Green Bay Urbanized Area’s Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program
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