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The Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) is comprised of citizens, school and healthcare professionals, an elected official, and other related transportation providers and agencies. The TCC is responsible to provide recommendations in the development of transportation plans and programs for specialized transportation services for seniors and individuals with disabilities in Brown County.

Amy Barhite (Citizen Member)Troy Parr (Oneida Nation)
Megan Borchardt (BC Board of Supervisors)Jim Pecard (ADRC Board of Directors)
Bridget Clancy (Syble Hopp)Joe Pietrek (VIA)
Lisa Conard (BCPC/Green Bay MPO)Sandy Popp (Options for Independent Living)
Michael Conley-Kuhagen (Green Bay Transit Commission)Erik Pritzl (BC Human Services)
Katie Doble (ASPIRO)Troy Streckenbach (BC Executive Department)
Christel Giesen (ADRC of Brown County)Andrea Vlach (Green Bay Metro)
Amy Hoyer (Cerebral Palsy Inc.)Michael Voigt (Citizen Member)
Denise Misovec (Curative Connections)Nick Weber (WisDOT NE Region)
Anna Nick (BC Human Services)Tina Whetung (Curative Connections Transport.)

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