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The Transportation Subcommittee was established to advise and provide expertise for the Green Bay MPO's transportation decision-making process.  The subcomittee is comprised of individuals from public works departments, airport, rail, and other professionals who represent local governments and transportation agencies.  The committee serves in an advisory capacity by reviewing and providing recommendations on studies, plans, and programs for the Green Bay Metropolitan Planning Area.  

Voting MembersNon-Voting Members
Nick Uitenbroek (Brown County) - ChairMary Forlenza (FHWA - Madison)
Sean Gehin (Allouez) - Vice ChairMatthew Schreiber (WisDOT - Madison)
 William Wheeler (FTA Region 5)
Heena Bhatt (Bay-Lake RPC)Troy Parr (Oneida Nation)Teal Spellman (Bellevue)
Geoff Farr (Howard)Marty Piette (Airport)Nick Weber (WisDOT)
Steve Grenier (Green Bay)Eric Rakers (De Pere) 
Patty Kiewiz (Green Bay Metro)Brian Rickert (Ashwaubenon) 
Jerry Lancelle (Hobart)Andy Smits (Suamico) 

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