The private onsite wastewater treatment system (POWTS) records are now being scanned and made available online. All holding tank records have been scanned and are now available online. The other types of POWTS (conventional, in-ground pressure, at-grade, and mound) records are in the process of being scanned.

To access the scanned private onsite wastewater treatment system (POWTS), click here. Below are detailed instructions on how to access the scanned records.

Once on the site, click Search on the tool bar and locate the parcel of interest by any of the search options or simply zoom to your location. Click on the POWTS permit type indicator located on the parcel which are listed below:

H - Holding Tank
C - Conventional
 I - In-ground Pressure
A - At-grade
M - Mound

A box will come up with permit information. Select Permit Image to view the scanned record. If the record has not yet been scanned, a message will appear that it is not yet available. You can contact our office at (920) 448-6480 to request a record be scanned and made available online.

If you would like the aerial photographs on the map, hover over the Choose Base Map/Aerials April 2010 in the upper right corner of the screen and slide the arrow to the right.