Brown County Public Health would like to help the community keep everyone safe and healthy this upcoming holiday! Whether you are grilling out, lakeside, poolside or enjoying the great outdoors, you can take steps to protect yourself and others from getting sick!

Here are five quick tips to have a safe and healthy celebration:

Monitor the air quality:
  • Be air aware this 4th of July! Air quality conditions may change rapidly over the next few days. It is important to pay close attention to the air quality in your area and take action, especially if you don’t feel well. You can check for real time updates where you live or where you’re traveling to.
West Nile Virus and mosquito bite prevention:
  • Avoid mosquito bites by applying an insect repellent with DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535 to exposed skin and clothing. Consider rescheduling outdoor activities that occur during evening or early morning hours, when mosquitoes that spread the West Nile virus are most active. Wear long-sleeves, long pants, and socks when outdoors to keep mosquitoes away from your skin. Learn more about the West Nile Virus here:
Food Safety:Heat Safety:
  • Take steps to stay cool in the heat if you plan on being outdoors. Drink plenty of water on hot days. Do regular check-ins with loved ones, especially young children, and older adults. Avoid the hottest part of the day—if you want to be outside, stick to the cooler morning and evening hours. Stay informed about your local weather forecasts so you can plan outdoor activities safely. Pay attention to extreme heat alerts. More heat safety guidance can be found here:
Water safety:
  • Keep you, your loved ones, and your pets safe! Don’t swim if there is a red sign that says “Beach Closed” or where water is discolored, or has scum, foam, or dead fish. Wash off with clean water after swimming, and rinse off pets with clean water if they swim in discolored or scummy water.  Also never drink or swallow the water from a lake or a pool. Learn more here:
June 30, 2023
Did you know that blue-green algae blooms have look-alikes? Learn the difference and when in doubt, stay out! 

Learn more about blue-green algae:
Aug. 11, 2022
Do you have plans to celebrate the 4th of July?! Don't forget these important items for a safe and healthy gathering!
July 1, 2022
Before heading out on the water, make sure everyone is wearing an U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket. Review more boating safety tips at:
May 31, 2022
Happy Bike Month!  Where are your favorite places to ride your bike?
Looking for a new bike trail? Click here to learn more. 
May 25, 2022
Free CPR and AED Education, Saturday, May 21, 2022 at both the Green Bay East and West side YMCA locations.

Free, 1 hour, non-certification course, intentionally to help the general public.  Classes will begin with 15 minutes of lecture on how to use AED, do CPR, and dispel myths/fears.  Then 45 minutes of hands on training.  
More information can be found here.
May 3, 2022
​Dispose your unused or expired medications on Drug Take Back Day, April 30th! It’s only a few days away, so start cleaning out those medicine cabinets.  
Apr. 26, 2022
Want to celebrate #NationalGardenMonth but don't have the yard for it? Say hello to indoor plants! They're a great option if you're limited on outdoor space.

Click here to learn more.
Apr. 21, 2022

Fall Drug Take Back is tomorrow.  Any day can be drug take back day though.  Brown County has more than 14 locations in our county to get those unused/expired meds out of your home. Click the link below for a map of those locations.

Click here for a map of locations in Brown County.
Oct. 28, 2022
Learn how you can support, participate or find resources about sober living here:
#StayHealthyBC #SoberLiving
Sept. 1, 2021
DYK? Peak activity hours for most mosquitoes in Wisconsin are usually dusk & dawn, but any time is the right time to protect yourself from the bites that could make you sick! Learn ways to #FightTheBite at
July 21, 2021
Mark your calendars! Brown County Health and Human Services Department is planning a Community Health Expo on Saturday 9/11/21 from 10am-3pm at the Resch Expo. This event will provide community members a one stop shop for all things health and wellbeing. Click here for more information.
July 14, 2021
The 4th of July is a day to enjoy time with family and friends! Keep these four things in mind as you plan your celebration:
1. Prevent fireworks injuries
2. Beat the Heat
3. Keep food safe at your picnic or BBQ
4. Fight the Bite
For details check out: #July4th

June 30, 2021
Do you know what to do when lightning strikes?
*When thunder roars, go indoors! Move from outdoors into a building or a car with a roof.
*Avoid using corded phones and electrical equipment.
*Avoid running water.
Learn more:
#LightningSafety #StayHealthyBC
June 23, 2021
Stay up-to-date on the latest health issues in Brown County! Check out current Coronavirus (COVID-19) news and information at 
Mar. 4, 2020