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Business Licensing

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Environmental Heath Unit

The goal of the Environmental Health Unit is to protect and promote public health by licensing and inspecting establishments, while also educating operators to ensure compliance with county and state regulations. 

For information on how to apply for a license, call (920) 448-6400.

2023-2024 Fee Schedule

Retail food and recreation inspection reports are available online and can be accessed here.

Pay your licensing fee HERE with a credit or debit card (3.75% fee).

Plan Review

Plan Review

In accordance with ATCP 75.075, "An applicant or license owner of a new or extensively remodeled
retail food establishment shall submit a retail food establishment plan to the department or its agent.
The department or its agent may require an applicant or license holder to submit this document when
a change of ownership has occurred. An applicant or license holder shall obtain plan approval from
the department or its agent before any of the following occurs:
  • The applicant or license holder begins construction of a retail food establishment.
  • The license holder modifies or extensively remodels a retail food establishment."
When planning on opening a food establishment, you must submit a Plan Review Application and an
Operational Plan. These two documents must then be emailed to for
a sanitarian to review. If accepted, you will be sent a License Application. If denied, the sanitarian will
suggest changes and/or suggestions in order to improve your Plan Review Application and Operational

Incomplete forms will NOT be reviewed. 

Retail Food Establishments: 
Plan Review Application
Operational Plan

Mobile Food Establishments:
Plan Review Application
Operational Plan
Service Base Sharing Agreement

Food icon picture of cook

Food Codes:

Chapter ATCP 75 - Retail Food Code
Wisconsin Food Code 
Chapter ATCP 90 - Packaging and Labeling



Contamination Plan Template 

This form is to be used as a template for a clean up plan in the case of someone
vomiting or having a fecal accident onto surfaces in your food establishment. All
food establishments are required to have these procedures onsite at all time for
an employee to use in case a contamination event occurs. This plan must have
specific actions that employees must take to prevent the contamination and exposure
of employees, consumers, food, and other surfaces. 

Contamination Plan Template-English
Contamination Plan Template-Español
Contamination Plan Template-Hmoob

Food Signs and HandoutsFood Resources
Handwash Sign - English
Handwash Sign - Español

Handwashing Sink Only - English

Handwashing Sink Only - Español

Proper Food Storage for Walk-In Cooler

Vomit-Diarrhea Cleanup

Temperature Log
Food Manager Requirements - English
Food Manager Requirements - Español

Cheese Curd Log for Non-Temperature Control Display

Consumer Advisory Requirements

Transient food resourcesMobile Food
Temporary Food Guide

Temporary Food Complete Guidelines

Temporary License Application

Food Safety at the Farmer's Market Presentation 


Lodging Icon picture of hotel room

Lodging Codes:

Chapter ATCP 72 - Hotels, Motels, and Tourist Rooming Houses
Chapter ATCP 73 - Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Brown County Public Health Lodging Guidance

lodging signs and handoutslodging resources

Room Rate Cards

Emergency Assistance Cards

Dish Sanitization Sign


Bed Bugs Q&As

Mold Toolkit

Disclosure for Sanitizing Utensils 

Jetted Tub Maintenance Guide

Brown County Carbon
Monoxide Detector Guidance



pools icon picture of a hotel pool

Pool Code:

Chapter ATCP 76 - Safety, Maintenance, and Operation of Public Pools and Water Attractions

pool signs and handoutspool resources

Swimming Pool and Water Attraction Death,
Injury and Illness Report

Swimming Pool and Water Attraction Fecal
Incident Response Report


VGBA Equalizer Cover Replacement Log

Operation Report

Pool Closed Sign

Interlock Testing Log

No Breath Holding Contest Sign

Lifeguard Staffing Plan
Water Quality Standards 


Fecal Incident Response Guidelines

First Aid and Biohazard Supplies List


campgrounds and rec ed camps icon picture of campground




body art icon picture of a tattoo artist


Body Art Code:

Chapter SPS 221 - Tattooing and Body Piercing

Sharps Disposal Information

Online License Renewal

Paper License Renewal Form


BODY ART signs and handoutsbody art resources

Tattoo Regulations Sign

Piercing Regulations Sign


FDA Approved Autoclaves 

Glove Use in Body Art Establishments

CDC Best Practices 

CDC Hepatitis B

CDC Sharps and Bloodborne Pathogens

Contact:  Environmental Health Unit - Sanitarian
Phone: 9204486400
Address:  2198 Glendale Ave
Green Bay, WI 54303