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Tuberculosis (TB) Screening and Testing

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Recommendations
Please use the following screening tool to determine if an individual needs further TB evaluation (testing without screening first is NOT recommended):

Click here for Wisconsin TB Risk Assessment and Symptom Evaluation

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing Recommendations
If testing is indicated by the risk assessment OR required by school/employer/other entity regardless of risk, two options are available:

TB Skin Test (TST) OR TB Blood Test (IGRA- Quantiferon or TSPOT)
To learn more about each type:

See below for guidelines regarding specific population testing:

Click here for TB Screening and Testing (Health Care Personnel and Caregivers)
Click here for TB Screening and Testing (Care Facility Residents)

Positive TB Test- Next Steps
Click here for: Positive TST- What Next?
Click here for: Positive IGRA- What Next?
Brown County Public Health Tuberculosis Evaluation and Reporting Algorithm
TB Evaluation and Reporting

Reporting and Medication Ordering Forms
Click here for provider information

Brown County Public Health no longer provides TB testing to the general public. Please see below for a list of community partners who can provide these services:
This list is subject to change. Please call site to confirm availability and pricing prior to arrival.
Aurora Quick Care Clinics at Walgreens
2301 S. Oneida St., GB (920) 490-0424
464 Cardinal Ln., GB (888) 863-5502Bellin Fast Care Clinic / Urgent Care Clinics
1976 Lime Kiln Rd, GB (Fast Care) (920) 445-7377
1630 Commanche Ave., GB (Urgent Care) (920) 433-6000
3263 Eaton Rd., GB (Urgent Care) (920) 433-6000Aurora Occupational Health
2253 W. Mason St. GB (920) 327-7300
3237 Voyager Dr. GB (920) 468-8288Bellin Occupational Health
3263 Eaton Rd. GB (920) 433-6700
1630 Commanche Ave. GB (920) 433-3448Prevea Occupational Health
2502 S Ashland Ave, GB (920) 405-1420NEW Community Clinic
622 Bodart St. GB (920) 437-9773NEW Medical Clinic @ NWTC
2740 W. Mason St. GB (920) 498-5436