A guardianship is a court proceeding in which a person or agency is appointed by a judge to make decisions for an adult who has been determined to be incompetent. No person in Wisconsin can act as a guardian for an adult unless appointed by a court, and no guardian has any powers over an adult except those given by statutes and the court order.

A minor guardianship is similar to an adult guardianship, but the person subject to guardianship is an individual under the age of 18.

Effective 1/01/2023, any person nominated to be appointed a guardian of the person, guardian of the estate, or guardian of both the person and the estate of an alleged incompetent adult is required to satisfy guardian training requirements under Sec. 54.26, Wis. Stats.  This individual must complete and provide confirmation to the Court that they have completed and passed the training at least 96 hours prior to the final hearing.  This training is mandatory and the Court will not appoint a guardian who has not successfully completed the training requirements. 
To enroll in this free online course, individuals can visit .  
This course is self-paced and is accessible 24/7.  If an individual does not have access to a computer and/or Wi-Fi, they can contact their local library, a family member or friend for computer access.  This course will take a total of approximately 3 hours to complete.
Upon successful completion of this course, the proposed guardian will need to print the Certificate of Completion provided at the end of the completed course, and file that Certificate along with Form GN-3135, Confirmation of Completion of Guardian Training Program (Adult Guardianship), with the Court. 

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