The Brown County Register of Deeds office is moving to a Tag-Less recording system. If you are submitting paper documents for recording you will also need to submit a completed Swift Agreement.  This agreement will give you access to the official copy of your document after it has been recorded. You will receive an email with a secure link to the document allowing you to print up to 3 copies, the link will be valid for 7 days.

For more information on Tag-Less recording click here
Nov. 22, 2023
Cheryl Berken, Brown County Register of Deeds, announces that it will soon be easier to obtain a copy of your marriage certificate. Starting January 2, 2020, individuals married in any Wisconsin County will be able to come to the Brown County Register of Deeds office to obtain their marriage certificate.
“We currently issue Birth Certificates if the birth occurred in any Wisconsin County from 1907 to present and are pleased to now offer Marriage Certificates as well. The ability to seamlessly provide copies of birth and marriage certificates in our office is the best way to serve our customers seeking these vital records,” says Berken. “My office continues to work with the State Vital Records Office to make other vital records similarly available for Brown County residents.”
Certificates of death are available statewide for deaths occurring on or after September 1, 2013. Certificates of divorce are available statewide for divorces occurring on or after January 1, 2016.
Individuals can contact the Brown County Register of Deeds office to receive more information about the statewide availability of records. 
Jan. 2, 2020