- Certified Survey Map (CSM), Condominium & Plat Index
This is a compilation of information from Certified Survey Maps (CSM), Plats, and Condominium Plats recorded in the Brown County Register of Deeds office and is intended for reference purposes only.
  - Fees and Acceptable Payment Options
Brown County Register of Deeds Fee Schedule and Payment Options
  - Order Copies of Real Estate Documents
The Brown County Register of Deeds has real estate copies of documents recorded or filed for property located in Brown County only.

There are three options available to purchase real estate documents: In Person, Online or Mail.
  - Property Fraud Alert
Property Fraud Alert is a free on-line service that alerts subscribers against the possibilities of fraudulent activity being committed against their property.
  - Search Real Estate Documents
Information on searching Brown County real estate documents In-Person or Online.