To make an online tax payment, click this link to be brought to our Property Search.

Online Payment Instructions:
  1. Click the Property Search link
  2. Accept the website browser requirements
  3. Search your property by entering your name, address, or parcel number
  4. Choose "Taxes" from the top menu bar
  5. Select the correct tax year from the dropdown menu
  6. If taxes are due, the "Make an Online Payment" box will appear on the lower left-hand side of the screen
  7. Choose your payment option
The electronic check is the most affordable payment option available. It costs less than a stamp and involves entering the account and routing number from your paper check.

Point & Pay Fee Schedule Per Transaction
Electronic Check: $0.50
Visa & MasterCard Debit Cards: $3.95
All Other Debit Cards: 2.39%
Credit Cards: 2.39%